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this is us 😃

We believe in a human-centered working world and pursue this thought every day in order to implement our vision.


our purpose


“We want to contribute to our society by enabling a good intent, healthy and joyful working culture.“

We believe working time is significant life time and has the biggest impact on how we interact with each other in our society. During work days (Monday to Friday) on a 40hours work week, its almost 60% of our time awake. To contribute to a fulfilling work environment is the reason why we getting up every morning. 😃🙌🏼

our vision

“Unlocking organisational flow by effectively enabling human potential”


We empower organisations to grow from inside by revealing and enabling the potential of their contributing talents and guide them to a sustainable way of collaboration. 💪🚀 


the flowspace

“The space for unlocking our superpower”


Our flowspace is the place where we feel comfortable. Here we want to develop the potential of our team. It is our playground for ideas and the space to work with concentration. If you need artistic inspiration, you're in good hands on the grounds of the "Baumwollspinnerei"! 🏡💪 


our Team


Galina Kozyreva


Daniel Tröger

Daniel Tröger

Co-Founder & Growth Expert

Mitch Senf

Mitch Senf

Co-Founder & Humanizer


Norbert Zehl

Flow Consultant


Steffen Lohaus

Product Enthusiast


Daniel Schnee


what is important to us


That we always talk to each other instead of about each other and follow the basic principle of good intentions.


We live the co-creation!

Words such as a positive error culture and self-determined work are not empty phrases for us.


With the empowerment of each individual comes the responsibility to also think entrepreneurially.

Daniel Tröger

"The diversity of our perspectives in the team is reflected in all our products and services."

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