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Fullstack JavaScript / TypeScript Engineer

How you help to create the future of organizations

  • Create an amazing platform experience for our customers.

  • Be the master mind of a scalable platform infrastructure and stable software architecture.

  • Collaborate with any teammate with an agile and good faith mindset.

  • Practice Kaizen (foundation of Kanban & Scrum), focus on tasks to be done and manage your flow together with all teammates.

  • Be an ambassador for consistency, usability, testability and accessibility of our product’s interface.

  • Learn & share current frameworks, libraries, tools, services and techniques with your teammates.

  • Be open to challenge the status quo every week.

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What we´re looking for

  • Passionate team player who likes what they are doing.

  • Talent with profound knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript programming.

  • Experience with JavaScript component based frameworks such as VueJS and NestJS.

  • Experience in code design and architecture to build and maintain scalable platforms.

  • A desire to constantly learn and improve, we will help you by providing external and internal trainings.

  • An inquisitive, analytical mind and the capability to draw valuable insights from raw data.

  • Strong interest in creating a great user experience.

Our technology stack

  • JavaScript

    • NodeJS

    • NestJS (with Express)

    • VueJS

    • PrismaJS ORM

  • TailwindCSS and CSS Modules

  • Open Policy Agent

  • PostgreSQL + Redis

  • Docker

What you can expect from flowplace

You have the free choice for your ideal development equipment, and you can work anytime from anywhere. We collaborate on eye-level remotely, and in person at our cosy and flow optimized office spaces. flowplace is an ego-free zone which gives you the space you need to live your strengths and to create something you are really proud of. We are all working together with deep respect of each other, integrity, positivity, and we focus on what really matters. We provide you with self-determined working hours and vacation days. For flowplace diversity of thought and people is key to build something great together.

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