We reveal human potential.

We make talent visible, scientific, and human-centric as to support sustainable hiring decisions for dynamic organizations and the development of strong teams.

Personality is more relevant than qualification.

Stop choosing talents based on knowledge and experience and start hiring on the basis of values and inner attitudes.

When talents respond to their role from a human-centric space, they develop their strengths, are happier, and create more value. With the Talent Scout platform, we show organisations this correspondence to support the making of more effective personnel decisions.

There is no team excellence without diversity.

Do not look to origin, gender or orientation. Rather focus on inner strength.

The human personality holds a great range of diversity. Feeling belonging is proven to increase intrinsic motivation. We support organizations in building heterogeneous teams so that employees feel seen, respected, and included.

Develop the potential of your organization.

Recognize and nurture talent instead of solely betting on productive times through training.

flowplace is a place where talents become visible and where people come together productively. This creates a win-win situation that will lead your organization to natural/organic growth.

Innovative Partners

Tore Waldhausen.jpg

Gates Waldhausen


Regeneratives  Bauen

As a very young team, we were able to learn with flowplace how to integrate our personalities and, above all, our strengths into a complementary collaboration. For us, beyond the upcoming team development, there is great potential in the technology, in the process of getting to know each other, and generally in the motivation of progressive companies to work together in an inspiring way.

Anja Hirschfelder.jpg

Anja Hirschfelder

Founder & Managing Director

Impact Hub Leipzig

In our early days as Impact Hub Leipzig, we had to repeatedly adapt to different circumstances in a relatively short period of time, adjust business processes and constantly realign ourselves as a team. In addition to the daily hustle and bustle of business, this is a challenge that should not be underestimated. With the flowplace team, we had a great partner for organizational and team development at our side in every growth phase. This has not only moved us forward as an organization, but has also allowed us to grow personally.


Ronny Ullrich



In our creative agency, there is a constant iterative development process of the organization. We constantly question the status quo in order to remain pioneers. In our adaptation away from traditional jobs to a flexible role model, flowplace has helped us to recognize the potential of our employees and identify suitable employees for a strategically important role.
The optimal development of human potential is essential for us. Because that's how co-creation succeeds.

Robert Strehler.jpg

Robert Strehler


We Ride Leipzig

What does the working world of the future look like and where is our place in it? As founders and managing directors of a young publishing house, we are working on a working environment in which all employees can realize their strengths and potential. Together with flowplace, we are making this a reality. With high-tech in analysis and on a feel-good consulting level, we are sustainably developing our corporate culture in such a way that the concept of work takes on a completely new dimension in our company.


Heike Kutschke

Head of Human Resources

c-LEcta GmbH

We use the talent platform and the psychoglogical know-how of flowplace to support our recruiting. For a position in the IP/legal field that we are currently filling, we had an exceptionally large number of very suitable applicants and can now - after only eight weeks - choose with good advice who will best complement our team. Finding the right talent in such a short time is a great benefit. flowplace's team convinces through flexibility and speed and lives the human-centered approach - so we can move forward co-creatively, quickly and in a goal-oriented way.

Use technology wisely.

We believe that technology can play a crucial role when it comes to objectified solutions. In the end, however, it is always a person who is committed to a particular choice. We feel it is our duty to differentiate clearly here: Our technology does not make any personnel decisions. It supports people in front of the screen in making informed choices.