The platform for sustainable personnel decisions.

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flowplace makes talent visible, scientific and human-centered. Our innovative personality analysis is based on multi-factorial data collection and makes matches between personality traits and role visible. With our evaluation report, you will receive objective information that will enable you to make sustainable personnel decisions.

Raise the human potential.

Find out more about the individual strengths and potentials of candidates and employees using a scientific personality analysis. Participants receive an individual personality report, which enables more self-confidence and thus creates extraordinary added value.

Create a psychometric role profile.

Obtain clarity about the requirements of the role. With our innovative process, relevant tasks are recorded according to their weighting and mapped in a unique psychometric role profile. This forms the basis for our objective matching algorithm.

Experience perfectly fitting matches.

Our algorithm provides you with the optimal basis for decision-making. Because by means of multifactorial data analysis, the correspondence of personality and role is determined and mapped psychographically. Our well-founded report gives you recommendations for the optimal filling of roles within your organization.

Build strong teams.

Use the power of diversity to build adaptable, innovative and resilient teams. Bring people in your organization together so that their strengths come into play. This has been proven to lead to higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Develop the potential of your organization.