Human Work 

Who designs your organisation?

 Alone or together? 

Today, successful organisations are dynamic and agile, they think and act in a solution-orientated way, share a vision and are jointly guided by values.


 Is there such a thing 
  as  a perfect    organisation? 

An organisation needs to be vital in order to be able to continuously develop further. Design your organisation with those people who form it.


Daniel Tröger

Please contact our experts, we will be pleased to help you with the design of your organisation.


Mitch Senf


Delve deeply into people-centred personal and organisational development.

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 Become a humanizer 

How can a sustainable and people-orientated organisation be created and further developed?

In our MasterClass, we delve into the depths of personality development and, with the aid of the Big5 model, put it into a relevant context with an effective Talent Life Circle.

 Two-day workshop 

The wide-ranging experience and expertise of Anna Gottschalg and Mitch Senf in the fields of psychology, neuro-psychology, brain research, organisational development (New Work), pedagogy, leadership and the development of potential all flow into this MasterClass.

You can learn more about the MasterClass and how to register here.

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