Become a humanizer! 

Delve deeply into people-centred personal and organisational development.

This is what awaits you

For a long time, we have spoken of resources, with this referring to employees. However, the word ‘talent’ has long since entered our daily language and, with this, the focus on people. Excellent we think as, after all, every organisation is made up of people – with their individual needs and potential!


Together with you, we would like to highlight and focus even more on these two aspects: How can a sustainable and people-orientated organisation be created and further developed?


In our Master Class, we delve into the depths of personality development and, with the aid of the Big5 model, put it into a relevant context with an effective Talent Life Circle (from recruiting to off-boarding).


We will thereby be focussing on the following core elements:

• Developmental psychology perspectives and approaches to personality development

• Personality analysis and the Big5 model as part of personnel selection and development

• People-centred and value-based organisational development as a basis for permanently successful companies

• Practical and work-relevant examples and applications

• Space for encounters, including the exchange (of experiences) and joint reflection as part of the learning process.

This is what we offer

The wide-ranging experience and expertise of Anna Gottschalg and Mitch Senf in the fields of psychology, neuro-psychology, brain research, organisational development (New Work), pedagogy, leadership and the development of potential all flow into this Master Class.


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Stop choosing talents based on knowledge and experience and start hiring on the basis of values and inner attitudes.

When talents respond to their role from a human-centric space, they develop their strengths, are happier, and create more value. With the Talent Scout platform, we show organisations this correspondence to support the making of more effective personnel decisions.

Oliver Viertmann

"Ich habe den Persönlichkeitstest mit flowplace als Vorbereitung für mein Personalgespräch genutzt. Mein Ziel für das Gespräch war es, zukünftig mehr Tätigkeiten zu übernehmen, bei denen ich in meinem Element bin. Das Assessment hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Stärken und Schwächen in klare Formulierungen zu fassen. Dadurch habe ich mich perfekt vorbereitet gefühlt. Mein Ziel für das Gespräch habe ich erreicht."


Ina von Spies

Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin von numbers & words

"Oft genügt ein kurzer Blick, um uns zu erinnern: Das genau ist deine Stärke! Die Erkenntnisse aus der Arbeit mit flowplace beflügeln unsere tägliche Zusammenarbeit. Die Selbsterkenntnisse über Stärken und Potenziale nach den Big Five legen wir auch den Teams ans Herz, mit denen wir arbeiten. Gerade in fordernden Phasen – wie bei Finanzierungsrunden – hilft es Teams, sich klarer nach innen und außen zu positionieren. Und das trägt wesentlich zu Freude und Erfolg bei."

Tore Waldhausen

Gründer & Geschäftsführer von Regeneratives Bauen

"Wir durften als noch ganz junges Team mit flowplace lernen, unsere Persönlichkeiten und vor allem unsere Stärken in eine sich ergänzende Zusammenarbeit einzuordnen. Für uns stecken über die anstehende Teamentwicklung hinaus große Potentiale in der Technologie im Kennlernprozess und generell in der Motivation progressiver Unternehmen zu einem inspirierenden Miteinander."

This is what you will learn

• Two inspiring days in an inquisitive community

• A new perspective on the people around you

• Knowledge of the Big5 model and its practical application in personnel selection and development

• Knowledge of the latest work-relevant findings from the field of brain research

• Approaches to human-centred and values-based organisational development. How you can shape

   diversity in teams.

• An invitation to the flowplace personality test

• Your individual personality profile, including an analysis of your potential

• A certificate as a Talent Scout (Big5 Model)


In addition to the communication of relevant topics for current and future personnel topics, we will interactively exchange and learn from each other’s experiences. 






Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei


Spinnereistraße 7 

Halle 20 I Eingang E

04179 Leipzig



inklusive MwSt.



Anna Gottschalg

Co-Founder of Leadership Sprouts & BRAFE SPACE

Expert for value-based organisational development

As a qualified neuropsychologist and certified trainer in the Leadership Development Profile (LDP®), Anna has focused on revolutionising the world of work and its dynamics.


Anna has been instrumental in, and has decisively contributed to, the building and shaping of organisation development at the German New Work pioneer, trivago, thereby identifying which fundamental principles make up and underpin a value-based culture. 


Using the approach of developing potential, Anna has been able to experience for herself, the investing in the power of one’s own strengths and developing holistically in different areas of organisational and cultural development.  


Today, Anna coaches and supports founders and personnel teams in building value-based organisations in both the profit and non-profit sectors.

In addition, Anna is the publisher and host of the

leadership.sprouts Podcast.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/anna-gottschalg


Mitch Senf

Co-Founder of flowplace and an expert in the development of potential in the world of work


As a graduate sports scientist and certified trainer in the Big5 Model, DISC®, and NLP®, he specialises in strength-based personal and team development.    


Mitch is co-author of the Spiegel bestseller, ‘#education for future’ (2020), Expert Fellow of the ‘Akademie für Potentialentfaltung’ (Academy for Potential Development), Social Innovation Reward Winner ‘Act for Impact’ 2014 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 in Saxony.


For two decades, the former top athlete and entrepreneur has dedicated himself to the research into human potential development. Mitch has intensively studied the mechanisms of the world of education and work from a developmental psychology perspective.  Against the background of knowledge gained from lifelong learning, he is convinced that, in the future, the individual’s personality will be more relevant than his or her qualifications when decisions on personnel are made.


Today, he advises companies in the development of people-centred and sustainable organisational development and gives keynote speeches at New Work events. #humanwork

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mitchsenf

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